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Botox: treatment of choice for the "lion wrinkles".

The commercial name of the botulinic toxin which is the botox (produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum) is the result of its purification and extraction under controlled conditions.

Its  action is at the level of the muscle that it weakens, thus treating wrinkles top of the face. Indeed, it is the repetition of certain movements of the face such as wrinkling, blinking and crumpling that creates the appearance of the wrinkle known as expression wrinkle.

Application of the botox will thus locate at the level of the eyebrows wrinkles (wrinkles of the lion), of the external contour of the eyes (wrinkles of the goose leg) and of the horizontal wrinkles of the front.

The face will then appear renovated, relaxed and rested. 

Practically: the doctor, after issuing a progress report on the state of your wrinkles top of the face, will inject the product in small quantities at the level of the various muscles of the face and the goose leg. The beneficial effect will be perceptible 72 H after the treatment to reach its maximum at the end of 10 days. The  treatment is to be repeated every six months.

Botulic Toxin (Botox): dangerous or not? 

The above mentioned bacterium clostridium  produces thus a toxin which, if  absobed in large quantities, can cause the botulism (rare food poisoning).

Within the framework of an act with aesthetic aiming, one would need amounts thousand times higher than those that are used for the treatment to speak about botulisme.

Eventually, the botulinic toxin is a safe tool particularly effective at the level of the wrinkles top of the face (Face, wrinkles around orbits, wrinkles of the Lion, wrinkles between the eyebrows) 

Advantages: No operational continuation, no social ousting. Relaxed face, relieved by the relaxation of the frontal muscles which "literally unfold" the wrinkles of the face and the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Prevention of the evolution of the wrinkles at this level.

Drawbacks: Duration of the result: limited in time 4 to 6 months. 

Price: between 250 and 350 Euros




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