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Cosmetic surgery


Lifting :

It is the most common intervention of cosmetic surgery to reorganize the face and the neck, to make the low cheeks disappear and to renovate the expression. The intervention is practised in neuroleptanagelsy or under general anaesthesia and lasts about 3 hours. The procedure envisages small scars hidden inside or behind the ear, in the scalp. The hospitalisation lasts one day and the stitches must be withdrawn between 7 and 15 days afterwards. The results can be spread over up to 15 years with the new technique of the SMAS (face lift of the muscle of the face). It is a rather painless surgical intervention and the scars become invisible at the end of one month. 

Eyelids :
It is the intervention of cosmetic surgery exclusively dedicated to the pockets under the eyes, the orbitaires wrinkles and the skin falling from the higher eyelids. This intervention is practised under local anaesthesia. Incisions are hidden in the eyelid higher inside the fold and on the eyelid lower than the limits of the lashes. There is no hospitalisation and the stitches are withdrawn 7 days afterwards. A small residual swell can persist, that  can be masked from the 6th and 7th day with a light make-up. Results are excellent, providing a younger look.

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Nose :

It is a surgical operation that can be practised starting from the 18th year of age with an unspecified duration. This operation is intended for all people having an unpleasantly looking nose. Through the consultation with the surgeon, one can visualize the possibilities of the "new nose" on photographs. The dialogue with the surgeon enables patients to personalize the future nose on their face. The operation is carried out under local or general anaesthesia, there is no external scar. The nose is immobilized during 10 days under a splint. After the ssurgery, a swell can exist which disappears at the end of 15 days. During the intervention, the deviation of nasal partitioncan be corrected. The final result is appreciable at the end of the 6th month. 

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Separated ears :

It is a surgical operation which is intended for people who have got prominent ears. It's carried out under local anaesthesia, starting from age 8. The scar positions behind the ear with a new Swedish technique and stitches are withdrawn after 15 days. The port of the stringcourse is compulsory during 3 weeks, otherwise there is possibility of re-occurrence. 

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Abdominal surgery :

It is an intervention carried out under local or general anaesthesia  with an aim of removing a fat spot on a wide surface. Surgical follow-up: one day of hospitalization, the stitches of the small pubic scar are withdrawn 15 days later.

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Hypertrophic chest :

Bulky chest can give pain at the level of the shoulders and a glandular transformation in time. This intervention can be practised at the age of 16 years.  The surgery lasts approximately 3 hours and half under general anaesthesia. The surgeon reorganizes the glands and closes again with a scar in  reversed T. A compressing  bandage is applied; it will be changed the first day. The hospitalisation lasts 2 days, the stitches are withdrawn  from the 10th day. The port of a medical bra is advised for 2 months. 

Hypotrophic chest :

It is a surgical operation standardized to correct a small chest. During the consultation, the surgeon chooses and decides with the patient the size and the shape of the prosthesis to be posed. The intervention proceeds under general or local anaesthesia and consists of introducing the prosthesis behind the gland or the muscle. The hospitalisation lasts one day and carrying the supporting bra is cmpuulsory for one month while waiting for the prosthesis to set in a definitive way. The results are durable, without harming the sensitivity of the chest.