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Hair graft micro-graft transplant Paris Marseille Bordeaux Nice
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  hair transplant

Hair micro-grafts and transplants

Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes Nice Hyères

The computerized capillary assessment

The graft of follicular units, a true victory over baldness

If for 10 years already, we have used the technique of graft of follicular units, it is because it offers the best aesthetic result!

The micrografts involving 1 to 3 hairs are guessed.

The minigrafts involving 4 to 6 hairs are seen.

A transplant involving 10 hairs is more than visible (obvious unaesthetic effects). The technique suggested consists only of follicular micrografts from 1 to 3 hairs (our hair naturally leaving the scalp by groups of 1, 2 or 3 hair). By using micrografts from 1 to 3 hair exclusively, we are certain to obtain a perfectly natural and completely undetectable result.

The method of the micrografts remains the best method, the true surgical treatment of baldness, completely free from complications, characterized by the lightness of the surgical acts, the safety and the quality of the final final result.

The computer "Capillicare", developped in our research center MHT (Medical Hair Technology), is a complete system which enables to carry out a capillary diagnosis starting from a precise assessment, supplemented by scientific analyses of the hair and scalp.

Following the study of the interventions carried out on a great number of patients, we could create this data-processing program with data transmitted by camera, in which we have exclusiveness. We can finally study all the parameters resounding on baldness. A true perhaps today practised capillary check-up and to give invaluable information on your hair, your baldness and its evolutionarity.

As a preliminary, a complete questionnaire explores your personal and medical antecedents but also your detailed family antecedents, your cosmetic practices, your psychological profile, as for the repercussions of your baldness. The capillary check-up is directly coupled with our information processing system and with a video-microscope which transmits the images directly on a monitor. They can be saved and stored instantaneously to be analysed.

The Camera

hair graft

The Capillicare concept is equipped with a color video camera allowing a zoom up to 80 times. On this camera, various objectives can be adapted, according to the type of observation. This Camera can be applied directly to the scalp, or be positioned on the mobile Plate for the observation of asported samples.



The XY board


The asported samples to be observed are positioned on a special plate.

The mobile guide, on which the video camera is placed, enables the expert to observe the totality of the surface of the plate.

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