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Couperose: aesthetic laser Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes

  Couperose: aesthetic laser

Couperose: Aesthetic Laser Treatment


Couperose is responsible for an irritation and rednesses for the face. Couperose reaches the convex zones of the face, the cheeks and the nose being the zones first attacked. Couperose can touch everyone, but women are more prone there than men. Couperose more particularly reach  people with clear skin and  eyes. The solar exposure worsens couperose. 

Couperose will evolve/move in 3 stages. 

- the early stage: red face 

- the intermediate stage:visage increasingly red, dry skin, visible vessels through the skin 

- advanced stage: intense cutaneous irritation.

Couperose: Treatment

1) Antibiotic and Roaccutane: couperose +  acne 

2) Electrocoagulation: this treatment of couperose is painful, the face presents  small crusts, the risk being to replace the lesion couperose by scars or depigmentation. 

3) Laser:  the treatment of couperose by laser is most effective and less painful. La couperose is treated by photothermolyse selective of small vessels without affecting surrounding fabrics. In conclusion couperose is treated perfectly by one to three laser meetings . The price of the meetings varies between 100 and 150 Euros per meeting.

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