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Laser lipolysis Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes Nice


Laser lipolysis

The New treatment of localized fat overloads and cellulitis 

New technique of fat destruction, without anaesthesia, at the ambulatory. The laser lipolysis has appeared approximately 3 years ago.

Advantageous tariffs: starting from 1200 Euros for a zone of treatment.

The technique

Laser lipolysis is a technique using the laser to obtain the destruction of under cutaneous fat. 

As well as the liposuction, it allows getting rid of localized fat overloads.

The energy of the laser is transmitted directly inside fat fabric by the intermediary of a very fine optical fibre. This fibre, very flexible, is introduced into a micro nozzle ensuring the role of tutor, allowing to guide it precisely. 

The sweeping of the zone and the distribution of energy gradually ensure the transformation of the fat cells (adipocytes) into oily emulsion by creating small tunnels. The guiding light laser Helium Neon illuminates the path of optical fibre and constantly identifies the position of the end of the fibre which is the only active part. Thus ithe treated zones is constantly  specified but also the depth where energy is applied: deep fat  for buffers or shallow fat  for cellulitis or both. 

The photonic radiation ensures a denaturation of the cellular membranes of the adipocytes determining a stop of the cellular functions during the period following the laser application. 

It transforms the fat reserves into fluid oily emulsion possibly able to be drained in order to accelerate the results. But, cellular left overs and oil will be in any case naturally eliminated by certain white globules (macrophages), genuine cleaners of the whole system. 

It coagulates micro vessels ensuring the hemostase; there is thus no hematoma nor bruises, nor heavy bleeding not.

Il contracts existing fabric collagenic without creating fibrosis and stimulates its synthesis. A true activation of the process of cicatrization-regeneration supports the cutaneous retraction and the firmness of fabrics.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis aims at removing localized fat overloads.

This technique has been practised for several years in many countries, among which Brazil, Japan, Italy, Korea, the USA, England, Belgium... 

* The zone decreases by volume.
* The action of the laser on collagen creates a stimulation which gives tonicity and elasticity to the treated zones. 

* Women: riding breeches, hips, knees, arms, ankles, belly, interior of the thighs, oval of the face...
* men: chin, stomach, love handles ...


* Protected medical technique. 
* At the ambulatory, without hospitalization.
* Without general anaesthesia, under local anaesthesia.
* Fast resumption of social professional activities .
* Action on the cutaneous relaxation.
* Light application and  short duration.

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Tariffs : starting from 1200 Euros.

Upcoming cities : Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Strasbourg, Rennes, Orléans, Havre, Brest, Lille, Reims, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Toulon, Angers.