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The lipodissolution: Treatment of the cellulitis and the localised fat overloads.

The lipodissolution - medical fight against the cellulitis. 

The lipodissolution is a new technique of treatment of the lubricating overloads and cellulitis. 

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) allows the technique of Lipolysis or Lipodissolution. In 1995, doctor Patricia Rites in Sao Paulo injected for the first time PPC into the fat of the bags under the eyes. After 2 or 3 treatments, the fat bags had disappeared. Since then, Doctor Rittes has treated more than 8000 patients with this method.

In Europe, Dr. Franz Hansengschwandtner, since 2002, practised more than 2400 treatments and continued to develop successfully this treatment. The injected solution contains lecithin of soya which is generally used as intravenous therapy for fat embolisms and to reduce the rate of grease in blood. It is also used in the form of pills in case of fat degeneration of the liver. In these uses, no side effect is known up today.

PPC will be injected directly into fat fabric with very small needles in several meetings. 2 to 4 meetings are practised in 2 months of interval. 

After a few days, there is a melting and an increase in the dissolution of fat. The Lipolysis or Lipodissolution is adapted to the patients having a fat overload that cannot be decreased by a diet or sport activity. The Lipolysis is  used in no case for the reduction of weight, it can only help modify the contour of the body. 

The effect is not to be assimilated with the method of aspiration of grease, since it is a progressive operational method of destruction of the adipocytes. 

Today, 10 years later, the patients still show a clear reduction of fat fabric, confirmed by the histological examinations.

Upcoming cities : Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Strasbourg, Rennes, Orléans, Havre, Brest, Lille, Reims, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Toulon, Angers.