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Liposuction cellulite: France Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes Nice


Liposuction, lipoplasty, lipoaspiration: treatment of the cellulite

Before -- Lipoplasty -- Results

Liposuction is the world most known and practised medical intervention today. Ambulatory Lipoplasty under Local anaesthesia is a method of radical and final treatment of the cellulite and more generally of all the localizations of fat overloads. The lipoplastician is not simply satisfied to aspire fat in a radical way in a sector considered to be too bulky. Quite differently, thanks to the use of extremely fine micro-nozzles (always smaller than 5 mms in diameter thus creating invisible scars) and the realization of the crossed plans, it will very precisely redefine the curves and the contour of a silhouette closely approaching your desires.

Technique of the cross plans

It is a very important innovation introduced by Doctor FOURNIER, one of the principal precursors of lipoplasty in France and in the world. Thanks to the creation of several micro-incisions judiciously laid out in periphery of the zone to be operated, the expert will be able to aspire through a true network of small intersected tunnels. Once healed, these mini-tunnels will have disappeared but will leave in place a kind of conjunctive fabric of subcutaneous support. Thus  a perfectly aesthetic and very regular result will be obtained. 

No waves  nor bumpy sheets effect  

This is why lipoplasty makes it possible to avoid the disastrous corrugated "waves" or "sheets" which were sometimes noted following lipoaspirations badly controlled by inexpert hands and the use of too broad nozzles. 

No hematomas  nor unpleasant scars thanks to the lipoplasty

Moreover without important hematomas and consequently without side effect pains, the lipoplasty is also free of unpleasant scars thanks to the practised micro-incisions. The latters are indeed so discrete that they will become very quickly completely invisible.

Make you well specify whether you must fast or not.  You will have to carry your sheath of application during approximately a week in a permanent way. You will not feel true pain, but only of the aches, an embarrassment possibly a little painful the first days, especially at the time of the abrupt changes of position. Baths could be taken as of the cicatrization of the incisions

The intervention of liposuction in itself 

You will have to present yourselves at the hour indicated, either at the private clinic, or directly at the specifically equipped the cabinet with the lipoplastician. 

Indeed, to be allowed to perform the intervention, the expert must be able to provide all the necessary guarantees of safety, quality and reliability of the installations which he will set up for his patients.

Liposuction under local anaesthesia

• Inquire whether you must fast before the intervention or not

• Forget neither the results of the examinations, nor the prescribed treatments.

• Do not forget either your application clothing.

• Envisage prudently to be escorted to your residence after your intervention.

• The duration of the intervention will depend on the volume of the zone to aspire.

Operational continuations of liposuction

They are very simple:

• You will have to carry your sheath of application during approximately a week in a permanent way. Afterwards, only during physical activities during 3 to 4 weeks. 

• If a stitch or staples were posed, they will be removed case by case between 4th and the 8th day.

• You will not feel true pains, but only aches,a slightly painful annoyment the first days, especially upon abrupt changes of position. 

• Depending on your usual venous state, more or less important bruises can appear  which will disappear very quickly in a few days. 

• However, it will be necessary to avoid any solar exposure (or to U.V. rays) as long as the bruises will remain visible. 

• Baths could be taken as of the cicatrization of the incisions.