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Wrinkles and Peeling


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Wrinkles and peeling : France, Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes Nice Hyères, Cannes, Nice.


Principle: Our attention goes on the chemical peeling. Its principle is to cause while controlling a more or less deep burn so that it results an exfoliation from it, more or less important.

The intensity from the peeling will depend on the product used, its concentration, the time of "pause" which will be proportional to the depth of the action.

• Superficial peelings 

The product: trichloracetic acid domesticated by 15%, or glycolique acid 

Indication : to treat the wrinkles and to improve the quality of skin. 

Duration of the result: one to 3 years.

Medical side effects: very light, at most a "sunstroke" aspect. 

Used products : glycolic/trichloracetic acid 5% 

Inconvenients: Cannot treat the deep wrinkles, (4 to 6 meetings separated by 10 days).

Avantages: Progressive Peeling, without continuation, and with little solar ousting (only for the duration of the treatment), no preparatory treatment of the skin.

Our advice: It should be the basic treatment of any programme of face renovation . One to two peelings per annum thereafter enable to maintain the result. 

It is a very appreciable glare. 

Price: 80 to 150 € per meeting.

Sometimes  the light peelings can be associated with meetings of rejuvenation by laser or pulsed lamp flash.


• The middle depth peelings.

Indication : to treat the medium sized wrinkles and the stains. 

Duration of the result: one to 3 years.

Used product : trichloracetic acid 30% 

- Blue Peel

Disadvantages: burnt aspect of during 8 days, then total screen strongly recommended during 3 months.

Advantages: significant results in only one meeting.

Our advice: treatment of choice of the skins for the woman from 40 to 50 years marked by the wrinkles and the sun. 

Price: 450€ to 800€ per meeting according to the quantity of product used.

• Strong peelings.

Indication: It is the treatment of the deep wrinkles of a face very damaged like that of the stains of sun and the deep scars of acne.

Duration of the result:  at least 10 to 15 years gained.

Medical side effects: Aspect marked by burns during 8 days. Rosy aspect during a few weeks. Total screen tinted as of the 8th day, then total screen strongly advised during 6 months

Used product:domesticated phenol.

Inconvenients: A local anaesthesia plus a neuroleptic analgesia, 10 days before being "presentable", does not treat the neck.

Advantages: Spectacular results on very wrinkled skins all over the face and this in only one meeting. Perfectly natural effect, it makes look younger.

Our advice: It is the choice of women of more than 50 years, with the face engraved by the age and the sun. It gives back again the initial shape of the face, by preserving all the expression and the freedom of the face.

Indication : C’est le traitement des wrinkles profondes d’un visage très abîmé ainsi que celui des tâches de soleil and des cicatrices profondes d’acné.

Price : 2000 € à 3500 €

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