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Wrinkles and rejuvenation: Paris Marseille Bordeaux Cannes Nice
aesthetic clinic
  aesthetic clinic

Treatment of the wrinkles and cutaneous ageing by the rejuvenation by laser

Called also photorejuvenation


The rejuvenation or  photorejuvenation

We all know it, our skin ages and this degradation is generally more visible on the face than on the body.  We currently can count on many treatments (simple creams, peelings, surgery), among  which the photo renovation (by laser). 

Principle of the laser

The photo photorejuvenation by laser is a noninvasive method which  treats the skin without important rehandlings on the surface. This involves no interruption of the social life of the patient.

Because of age, the regeneration of the cells slows down and our skin tarnishes, spots appear as well as wrinkles and blotches. It is the  photo-ageing.

Thanks to the laser, our skin will get a true relooking, since this laser will penetrate our skin, heating it up slightly, what involves a process of stimulation for new collagen formation. 


At the end of some meetings, our skin will look nicer by the improvement of its texture. The grain of skin will be refined, the pores tightened, the spots erased , the blotches reduced , the scars of acne improved, the dark rings corrected. In a word the skin appears softer, more luminous, more harmonious. It is a true  glare, that makes one look younger..

Course of a meeting

After having cleaned your face, the doctor will apply to it a cold jelly. He will then be able to proceed  to the meeting which will last approximately 20 minutes. At the time of the  laser impulses, a feeling of tingling is felt, the anaesthetic creams being seldom necessary. All the benign problems of your skin will be treated (spots, blotches, scars, small wrinkles). After the treatment, the jelly is removed and a sunscreen cream  is spread.

Number of meetings

At the time of a first treatment, 4 to 6 meetings separated by one month, each one will be necessary. Results will be visible from the 3rd meeting. Thereafter, a treatment of maintenance of about 2 meetings per annum is recommended.

Side effects

The laser is a safe and non-invasive solution causing a light erythema in the 48 h following the meeting. There is no social ousting.


Imperfections due to the sun with an important reduction of the undesirable pigmentations as well on the face as on the neck, the low neckline, the front arm levers, the hands.



aesthetic clinic