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Thread lift

The face lift on threads, or "face lift without surgery"

Method: As soon as  a foreign body is introduced  under the skin, it starts manufacturing collagen and fibroblasts to fight the intrusion. There is then a local ignition and a fibrosis of the fabrics which will fill depressions, like wrinkles, thanks to the appearance of new elastic fibres. They are the reactions awaited after the setting up of thread lifts.

Features of thread lift: thread lifts are between 5 cm and 8.5 cm long and are made of Prolene (an inert surgical matter used in traditional surgery for a very long time), not causing reaction of rejection on behalf of fabrics. They can thus remain in place in a permanent way. The threads are extremely fine. They present tiny teeth (hooks under the skin) on each side. These, once the threads are placed under the skin, preserve their rigidity, allowing tension of the subjacent skin.

Embedding technique: the threads are introduced under the skin, in its fat layer, by means of hollow needles. That requires a local anaesthesia. The effect "face lift" is obtained by drawing on the ends of the threads which won't come back thanks to the side teeth. 

Genearlly,  2 or 3 threads are set up in the treated area of the face. The patient can go back to his usual activity after 12 or 24 hours maximum. Surgical side effects: they are simple. Sometimes some blue spots, some excessive tractions, or some rednesses can last maximum one to 2 weeks. 

Complications are minor and not very frequent: a light swelling and sometimes a small bruise. By precaution bands can be set up limiting mimicry during the first hours. Infectious risk is limited by the use of sterile material. 

Indications: thread lifts are effective to restore and give tension to the oval of the face, to correct furrows between the nose and the mouth. They're intended for young people and less young people, as long as the depression of the muscles of the face does not justify a traditional face lift. 

The thread lifts installation can also form part of a total strategy of reshaping of the face together with other techniques like: peeling, Botox or the hyaluronic acid.

Results: they are visible ten days after the intervention with a progressive improvement over 2 months. 

The duration of this "clearing" is 3 to 5 ans.

Price: Between 800 and 1500 Euros according to the number of established threads.

thread lift

thread lift
thread lift
thread lift
thread lift
thread lift